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About Integrand

Tac Dung Cua Thuoc Cozaar 50mg (#1 Hypertension), Warfarin - integrand-software.com, Inc. provides electronic design software used to design high frequency, RF and Mixed Signal complex integrated circuits (ICs) for the global semiconductor and electronics industries. Our advanced EM simulation tool, EMX®, allows designers to accurately and efficiently simulate large RF circuit blocks, characterize the behavior of passive components and analyze the parasitics due to interconnect. EMX shortens design cycles and bring to market substantially better products with less risk. In short, EMX is very accurate, very fast and very easy to use.

Integrand was founded by top technologists from Bell Labs in 2003 and counts some of the major IC design houses as its clients. Integrand's tools are being used by the world's major foundries for passive component modeling and synthesis for distribution in their design kits. Integrand is a privately owned company.




Upcoming events

CICC 2013
Sept 23-25, San Jose, CA


TSMC OIP Ecosystem Forum 2013
Oct 1, 2013, Santa Clara, CA
Booth 205

Integrand to present joint paper with Delft University of Technology on 60GHz design of DCOs using EMX


International Sales

Integrand appoints Innotech as the distributor for EMX in Japan

Integrand appoints Sysontek as the distributor for EMX in S. Korea

In the news

Oct 1, 2013: Integrand and Delft publish paper "Design and implementation of high resolution 60GHz PLLS and DCOs using the EMX 3D EM simulator", at the TSMC OIP Forum 2013 in Santa Clara

Feb 7, 2013: Eight innovative ICs designed with EMX presented at ISSCC 2013 in San Francisco...

June 3, 2012: Integrand presents paper at DAC 2012 at workshop on 60GHz design...

June 4, 2012: GLOBALFOUNDRIES releases EMX based OIF for 40nm technology...

August 29, 2011: GLOBALFOUNDRIES releases EMX based OIF for 55nm technology...

Sept 19, 2010: Integrand presents paper about modeling of RF integrated devices at CICC..

June 11, 2010: TSMC validates EMX for TSMC RF reference flow RDK 2.0 at DAC 2010..
press release...
RDK 2.0 Brochure...
TSMC support...

June 7, 2009: TSMC and Integrand present a method for handling pattern dependent effects for advanced TSMC nodes at RFIC 2009.
press release

June 12, 2008: Integrand receives award from UMC for outstanding contributions to their SOC solution

February 18, 2008: Integrand's EMX Qualified for High Frequency Designs in TSMC Advanced Processes

September 19, 2007: UMC and Integrand present a method for optimal balun synthesis at CICC '07

June 8, 2007: UMC and Integrand further extend FDK capabilities to include optimal balun and transformer design

June 3, 2007: RFMD and Integrand present a paper at RFIC 2007 symposium on designing de-embedding structures using EMX

December 7, 2006: UMC and Integrand advance collaboration to enhance 90nm and 0.13um RFCMOS design offering

Older news...